03 Sep

Buy Or Hire Scaffolding?

Whatever your project is, you need to determine whether you should look into scaffold hire or purchase a scaffold kit instead. To make things easier for you, we have listed a few important aspects to consider.

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14 Aug

Safety Equipment for Scaffolders

Every construction site is unique in hazards and risks. Beyond the training, control measures, and safety regulations, it is imperative that workers always refer to the onsite ‘Safe Work Method Statement’ to determine the correct mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for scaffolding works on site.

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28 Jul

Safety Tips for Working with Scaffolding

Safe Work Australia classifies working with scaffolding as a dangerous and hazardous job. Even the most experienced worker with the right training and skills is at risk. These safety tips will help you manage the risks.

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05 Jul

Emergency Procedures For Falls In The Workplace: A guide

Working with scaffolding can be very dangerous and comes with a high risk of fall accidents in the workplace. It is therefore necessary that industries are ready to implement emergency procedures should an unfortunate event occur during scaffolding works. Here are some elements of sound emergency response for falls in the workplace.

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