Void Platforms

Void Protection PlatformsA Voideck Proprietary Product

The Quick Ally modular scaffolding combined with the Voideck Proprietary Systems allows CanDo to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to fill voids and access vaulted ceilings, providing protection to trades working in upper levels from falling down a void. The system we use all keeps the area beneath the void clear so that other trades can continue working unobstructed. 

We have installed void protection for the following uses:

  • To provide access replace ceilings in auditoriums and swimming pools.
  • To provide access for the replacement of mechanical plant and air conditioning systems.
  • To provide access during the construction of vaulted ceilings.
  • To provide access for workmen installing pipe work in factories.
  • To provide access in stairwells for installing ceilings, rendering and painting.

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At CanDo we offer a site advisory service to ensure that our clients receive a fixed quotation. We guarantee a void protection system that is fit for your specific project. We offer void protection hire in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions.

Get in touch by calling 1300 226 336 or by emailing theguys@cando.com.au.

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