Commercial Edge Protection

Commercial Edge Protection An Access Guard Proprietary Product

The Access Guard Commercial Suite of edge protection scaffolding enables brackets to be 'manufactured' to individual sites. The unique collection of interchangeable components allows for the bracket to suit any construction.

We can install Access Guard Commercial Edge systems to steel purlins, parapets and to the face of precast concrete slabs for any commercial and industrial construction project.

When undertaking Commercial Roof Edge Protection jobs we require lead-in time before installation. This is to ensure installation is completed within the time frame.

Before installation we need to:

  • Establish whether specific brackets require "manufacturing" to suit the building frame
  • Visit the site and establish access requirements
  • Arrange suitable elevated access equipment with the customer
  • Clear any SITE SPECIFIC WPHS requirements prior to installation

Recent changes in WPHS Regulations require that all roofs require fall guard or a roof fence to protect workers whilst installing roofing materials.

Our customers have access to a wide range of versatile options to suit all roofing projects. We also provide residential edge protection solutions.

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At CanDo we offer a site advisory service to ensure that our clients receive a fixed quotation for a system that is fit for purpose for their specific job. We offer commercial roof edge protection systems hire in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions.

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