Hang On Platform

Hang On PlatformAn Access Guard Proprietary Product

Hang On Working Platform reduce labour and hire costs. The system cantilevers off the building frame, eliminating the need for ground-up scaffolding. This creates significant cost savings when compared to full perimeter scaffolding. Hang on scaffolding also leaves the ground around the building clear. This enables access for other trades while the fascia, gutter and roofing are being installed.

 The system has adjustable arm lengths allowing installation on buildings with eave widths up to 1500mm wide. It also provides a working deck up to 1125mm wide.
The braced system allows for installation of the trusses off the working platform. This is due to the unique bracing system that is independent of the building frame and is self-supporting.

Benefits of this Hang On Scaffold system:

      • Cost effective scaffold system.
      • Building site left clear of scaffolding allowing unimpeded access.
      • Allows the roof to be installed earlier reducing delays due to inclement weather.
      • Allows sub-trades earlier access to the building to complete in wall installations.
      • Speeds up the construction process.
      • Saves on scaffold hire costs as hang on scaffolding is installed later when subcontractors require it.

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