Should You Hire Scaffolding Or Buy Your Own?

Buy Or Hire Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is an indispensable part of a construction, may it be for a simple home DIY craft or building a residential or commercial structure. Whatever your project is, you need to determine whether you should look into scaffold hire or purchase a scaffold kit instead. To make things easier, these two factors are necessary to consider:

  1. The time frame of the project.
  2. The extent of scaffold use.

Carefully examining these two will give you the proper solution for your scaffolding choice. In general, both scaffold hire and scaffold system purchase have their pros and cons in terms of capital outlay and incremental cost.

However, scaffold hire is still the most appropriate option when you are not into the building and construction business. Aside from the fact that it is less expensive, here are three reasons why hiring a scaffold is better than purchasing one.

1. Safety and Investment

Scaffolding jobs follow strict safety and security guidelines, enforced by the Australian New Zealand Scaffolding Standard (AS/NZS). If you decide to  use a safety compliant scaffold hire, ensuring the safety and security will be the scaffolding contractor's top priority on site. The erection, maintenance, and dismantling of the equipment will be done with the utmost care.

All these measures are ensured by trained scaffolders who are highly knowledgeable in various scaffold structures, utility and functions of the scaffold, and the essential safety aspects of the scaffold system. By keeping safe working conditions, onsite risk of falls or injuries may be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Aside from safety, a scaffold hire can also have a positive effect on your finances. The expensive liabilities related to scaffolding purchase can instead be used on the project at hand, as hiring scaffoling is significanlty less expensive than purchasing a full set. That’s why many households and construction companies have recognised the hiring of qualified scaffolding contractors instead of scaffold system buying as an excellent advantage financially.

2. Time, Mobility, and Flexibility

Since licensed scaffolding hire providers are the ones to deliver, assemble, maintain, and dismantle the scaffolds, this will provide essential time and mobility advantage for your projects. With the scaffolding service provider totally in charge of the whole setup, their manpower will be commited to completing your project with the agreed timeline in mind. 

Also, not all construction projects have a simple box-like structure but may incluide uncommon features to deal with. In which case, hired scaffolders who can set up not only uniform tall metal profiles but even the most difficult geometric projections is your best option. Professional scaffolders can provide ingenious solutions to these non-monolithic projects that require out-of-the-box engineering.

3. Experience and Support

With the help of experienced scaffolding professionals, a lightweight yet durable modular framework to support you and any workload can be easily erected to ensure a safe, adaptive, and productive work environment.

They say the extent of experience is applicable in every mode of work. In the same manner that an engineer's expertise is needed in drafting blueprints, inspecting field works, and managing construction projects, scaffolding issues are best handled by scaffolding experts.

All you have to do is simply contact a reputable scaffold provider, like CanDo, tell them what is needed, inform them how long you need it for and their experienced, highly qualified scaffolders will do the rest.

Scaffolding Hire at CanDo

Now you know the reasons why it’s better to use a scaffolding hire than buying the equipment yourself and you’ll know exactly what to do on your next construction project.

If you’re looking for scaffolding hire services in Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and the greater Brisbane area, CanDo is the best place to go.

Whether you require a standard, suspended, or mobile scaffold, we can provide that easily with our comprehensive range of scaffold hire and height protection services that can surely save you time and money.

Contact CanDo at 1300 226 336 or email us at and get your scaffolding solution at a fixed price!

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