Lightweight Scaffolding

Lightweight ScaffoldingA Quick Ally Proprietary Product

The Quick Ally modular scaffolding, combined with the Access Guard Proprietary Systems, allows CanDo to provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding and edge protection solutions.

Aluminium stage scaffolding is extremely versatile. It is much faster to erect than steel scaffolding and can be erected on existing and new structures easily. This is due to the light weight of the components. Despite its lightweight nature, the Quick Ally aluminium scaffolding is incredibly durable and efficient, with many combinations available. 

We have installed Aluminium Scaffolding for the following uses:

  • Full house wrap for lightweight cladding.
  • On lower roofs for upper level cladding.
  • Around high porticos for roof construction and fascia, gutter and roofing.
  • On highest buildings for replacing fascias and gutters.
  • On highest buildings for re-cladding and re-painting.
  • On existing buildings with a roof pitch over 26 degrees for re-roofing.
  • On steep gables for fascia, gutter and roofing.
  • On existing buildings for maintenance works.
  • On commercial buildings for the installation of signage.

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At CanDo, we offer a site advisory service to ensure that you receive a fixed quotation. This means you can hire a lightweight aluminium scaffold system that is fit for the purpose of your specific job, at the best price. CanDo offers scaffold hire in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions.

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We offer lightweight aluminium scaffolding hire in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions. Get in touch to find out more about how CanDo Scaffolding can help!

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