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Brisbane Scaffolding Hire and Height Safety Products

CanDo provides a comprehensive range of scaffolding hire and height safety solutions. If you’re on the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers or Greater Brisbane area we can help you.

Our hire service is available to the residential, low rise multi residential and light commercial building industries. We also can provide customers with height safety, fixed scaffolding hire and mobile scaffolding hire.

Further to our scaffold hire services we provide a consultation service to all clients. This consultation service means that you get the best solution at the right price. It also ensures that the solution we give you meets Work Place Health and Safety Regulations.
Our safety Hire services include:

  • Ground Up Steel Scaffolding
  • Light Weight Aluminium Scaffolding
  • Guardrail Edge Protection
  • Hang On Platform
  • Void Protection Platforms
  • Mobile Towers

Our Scaffolding Service Includes:

Delivery to your Site
Assembly of Scaffolding
Pick Up & Removal

Brisbane Scaffolding Hire Services

Brisbane Scaffolding & Safety Procedures

Like any good scaffolding company, CanDo takes pride in ensuring every scaffold is erected and maintained to the highest standards. We regularly test all our equipment to ensure its safety and compliance. Every job we do is audited and reported back to our office. 

If you are planning to carry out any construction works on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or northern NSW; the best way to manage the risks of working with scaffolding is by hiring the services of CanDo. We provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding solutions that will suit any residential or light commercial construction works. 

We also provides consultation services to ensure that you get the best solution to your specific needs and to comply with the Work Place Health and Safety Regulations including proper Safety Equipment for Scaffolders.

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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

GCHomess have been working with CanDo Scaffold for many years. We have always found their staff to be knowledgeable, the deliveries reliable and their products and services affordable. CanDo value customer service and go above and beyond to assist us in keeping our builds both safe and on track. We look forward to working with them for many more years to come.
Ron Nickel
Ron Nickel
Ron Nickel Roofing has a successful long term partnership with CanDo and continue to as they meet all our expectations on our projects. Our timelines for both the installation and dismantling are met and communication is always excellent.
Suzanne Cordwell
Suzanne Cordwell
We have used Can Do Scaffolding for many of our jobs, all staff, from Kellie and Elliott in the office to Willy and the boys onsite do a spectacular work. Once booked in, it's done. Can not fault this company at all, i will keep using for many years to come.
Tom Jeffreys
Tom Jeffreys
As a builder, I rely on a team of quality contractors and suppliers in the day to day operations of my business. Since first engaging with Kellie, Elliot and the entire team and Cando Scaffolding in 2019, they have been nothing short of fantastic. They provide highly professional services throughout their entire business including administration, pre-construction, onsite scaffolding and after sales service. I can't recommend them highly enough and thank them for their continued service.
Anna Nel
Anna Nel
Great service, these guys CanDo! Always helpful and accomodating!
Jarvis Robins
Jarvis Robins
Used these guys to install edge protection. Good service, friendly staff. Recommend them

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend mixing scaffolding from different manufacturers or suppliers. Even though they may look compatible, they often have different dimensions and tolerances. Mixing scaffolding can reduce the structural integrity and lead to a collapse of the scaffold. 

You can erect your own scaffolding structure under 4m. Workcover/Worksafe regulation applies to any structure above this height and must be undertaken by a scaffolder with relevant qualifications. 

CanDo can take care of all aspects of scaffolding hire and system installation on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. Call us today on 1300 226 336.

All our Scaffolders are equipped with proper protective equipment (PPE) and have been trained and are up to scratch with safe work practices.

Yes! You need to use an internal ladder with a scaffold to be compliant with WorkCover/WorkSafe practices.

Yes! CanDo’s whole business revolves around hiring out scaffolds.

We provide cost effective scaffolding solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast & the Northern Rivers. Our experienced team are knowledgable in construction methodology which save our clients time on construction and minimises scaffolding costs.

The cost of scaffolding depends on many factors. These include:

  • How high the scaffolding needs to be;
  • The location of the scaffolding;
  • The type of job the scaffolding will be used for;
  • The type of scaffolding required;
  • How long you need to hire the scaffolding for.

The best way to find out the cost of scaffolding hire would be to give us a call on 1300 226 336 or request a quote online.

Many of our scaffolding installations have a component of difficulty that other companies cannot be bothered with. Our goal is to meet the project requirements of our clients by providing a comprehensive service.

CanDo provide a range of scaffolding hire solutions including:

Lightweight Scaffolding
Aluminium stage scaffolding is extremely versatile. It is much faster to erect than steel scaffolding and can be erected on existing and new structures easily. Despite its lightweight nature, the Quick Ally aluminium scaffolding is incredibly durable and efficient, with many combinations available. 

Steel Scaffolding
Steel Scaffolding is hired out for projects needing longer hire periods (exceeding 2 weeks). It involve concrete, blockwork and brickwork in the construction process. This is due to a higher load rating than Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding.

We typically undertake projects up to 15 metres high to the top working deck.

Mobile Scaffold Towers
When you need to access heights across a large surface, an aluminium mobile scaffold is an excellent option. Our mobile towers provide a safe and stable working platform with a 225kg safe work load and are available as square or rectangular towers.

Edge Protection
We offer a comprehensive range of roof edge protection systems for both residential applications and commercial job sites.

Void Protection Platforms
Our void platforms turn an upper level void into a working & catch platform. This enables tradesmen to work on, around or above the platform safely.

Hang On Platforms
Hang On Working Platforms reduce labour and hire costs by eliminating the need for ground-up scaffolding.

CanDo offers scaffolding hire in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and everywhere in-between.

Absolutely! At CanDo, we take pride in ensuring every scaffold is erected and maintained to the highest standards.

We regularly test all our equipment to ensure its safety and compliance. Every job we do is audited and reported back to our office. 

Yes we do.

Our aluminium mobile towers provide a safe and stable working platform with a 225kg safe work load and are available as square or rectangular towers.

The experienced team at CanDo will assess your work site and recommend the most appropriate mobile scaffolding solution.
Mobile Scaffold Towers

Your Best Choice for all Scaffolding Requirements in Brisbane

CanDo’s Hang on Working Platform can be installed on a wide range of construction forms including timber frame, steel frame and concrete
tilt slab.

The unique system cantilevers off the building frame, eliminating the need for ground-up scaffolding.This creates significant cost savings when compared to full perimeter scaffolding.

The system has adjustable arm lengths allowing installation on buildings with eave widths up to 1500mm wide. It also provides a working deck up to 1125mm wide.

We Cover all of Brisbane and Outlying Areas

A roof edge protection system is a necessity whenever work is carried out on a roof structure or roof surface, or temporary access to a roof is needed. Because roof work involves movement elevated from ground level, the risk of falls are greater and can cause critical or even fatal injuries.

An edge protection system must be enabled at any unprotected edge of a work platform or scaffold platform, to prevent roof workers and materials from falling of the edge and provide safe access to ground workers. It’s an essential height safety product to protect falls from roofs.