Steel Scaffolding

Steel Scaffolding

The Steel Scaffolding combined with the Access Guard Proprietary Systems allows CANDO to provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding and edge protection solutions.

Steel Scaffolding is typically used for projects that require longer hire periods (exceeding 2 weeks) and involve concrete, blockwork and brickwork in the construction process as it has a higher load rating than Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding.

We typically undertake projects up to 15metres high to the TOP WORKING DECK

We have installed this product for the following uses;

  • Unit Developments and multiple Housing Developments
  • Full House Wraps for Roofing, cladding and finishing trades
  • Major renovations to both commercial and residential projects
  • On existing buildings for major maintenance works
  • Spanning causeways for both pedestrian and vehicular access

At CANDO we offer a site advisory service to ensure that our clients receive a fixed quotation for a system that is fit for purpose for their specific job.

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