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How to Prepare Your Project for Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a vital part of construction work because it gives support, access, and safety to trades working in heights.

If you’re about to start a new construction project, you need to minimise the likelihood of accidents by hiring the right scaffolding service. It should be a part of the planning and research stage before proceeding with the actual construction work.

We recommend following these tips to prepare your project for scaffolding and ensure a safe environment in your workplace.

Choose the Right Scaffolding Company & Check Qualifications

When searching for the right scaffolding company, it is important to get recommendations and read reviews.

This will lead you to the scaffolding businesses that have good track records and have successfully completed projects in the past. When you’ve pick from your shortlist of companies, don’t sign the contract right away.

Standards Compliant

First, make sure that the company is compliant with Australian safety standards and offers the right scaffold you need for the project.


Another thing to consider is the qualifications of the company that you are hiring.

Aside from ensuring that the company adheres to safety standards and can provide the perfect scaffolding for your project, you should also check their experience, level of skills, and competence by using their training programs as an indication.

Range of Equipment for Hire

Lastly, ensure the company you are engaging for scaffolding hire has a wide array of height protection equipment available. 

This ensures the scaffold hire company can continue to meet your safety needs if your project develops and changes.

At CanDo, we offer a variety of scaffolds for hire such as:

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Inspect the Scaffolding

Routine inspections are essential to make sure that the scaffold system is safe and secure at all times as outside factors, e.g. weather, can often affect the safety and stability of scaffolding.

Daily evaluations are also necessary to determine the status of the structure and to identify the scaffoldings that need fix or replacement. Make sure that this is done by the supplier and is part of its daily business agenda.

For good measure, you can also inspect any existing scaffolding work by the supplier before signing the agreement. This will ensure that you’ll hire a scaffolding with high quality and safety for your construction project.

Discuss the Installation Method

The quality of the scaffold alone cannot guarantee the safety of your workers. It should also be properly and expertly installed by the supplier to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the scaffold.

That’s why it’s recommended to discuss the installation method that will be used for your scaffolding.

Learn about their process and if you’re not satisfied, get a second opinion and work out the best way to ensure proper installation of the scaffold.

Supervise and Monitor

On the day of the installation, see to it that the installation methods you’ve agreed upon are followed and that the scaffolding is installed safely and securely.

Even if the workers are well-experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable enough in scaffolding installation, supervision and monitoring are still necessary.

It will ensure that the whole process discussed in the planning stage is accurately carried out during the installation.

Scaffolding Hire with CanDo

Following these tips will prepare your project for scaffolding and ensure the safety of both the project and the workers.

If you are looking for scaffolding services, CanDo Scaffold Hire Brisbane & the Gold Coast is the best company to use.

We provide cost-effective and time-saving scaffolding solutions and height protection services, including roof edge protecton to South East Queensland, the Northern Rivers, and the greater Brisbane area.

Call CanDo today at 1300 226 336 or send an email to to know more about our scaffolding hire services. 

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