Scaffolding for Demolition Work: A guide

Demolition work is a complicated task that involves many of the hazards associated with construction. It requires intensive planning in order to control and minimise the risks posed to your demolition team’s safety and protection.

So, before you plan on commencing any demolition work, you must first utilise the right scaffolding hire services to ensure you comply with Australian work safety standards. Below are a few things to think about.

What Scaffolding is Needed for Demolition Work?

To provide safety during demolition work, the scaffolding must be heavy-duty or be specialised to contain the following:

  • A heavy load of dislodge materials that will accumulate onto the platform.
  • Force of the wind that will act on the scaffold.
  • Water collected on the containment sheeting.
  • Weight of all the workers on the platform at any given time.

Scaffolding for Demolition Work by CanDo

At CanDo, we provide the best scaffold and height safety services to avoid the possible risk of accidents during demolition work. We consider the following safety measures to ensure the safety of the public and employees in the field.

1. To carry out the best plan in demolition projects, we conduct pre-site checking and survey.

2. We use heavy-duty and quality equipment, especially cuplock systems and containment sheet to avoid the risk of unnecessary danger that may occur, such as:

  • Dislodging of demolished load into the scaffold.
  • Conventional Scaffold Sheeting Detachment.
  • Water retention in sheeting detachment affecting the scaffold load.
  • Scaffolds weakening of lateral stability while removing building elements.
  • Scaffolds weakening in progressive removing of ties and dismantling scaffold.

3. We assist in any demolition in progress by:

  • Securing the scaffold plank to prevent dislodgement from falling debris.
  • We ensure the containment sheeting on the scaffold’s inner face is correctly installed to deflect any material that may cause overloading.
  • Ensuring proper dismantling and removal of ties aligned with the progress of the demolition.

Benefits of Using Our Equipment

  • CanDo religiously complies with the Work Health & Safety obligations concerning the Australian working at heights regulations.
  • Height safety throughout your construction or renovation process installed for less than the price of hiring the equipment
  • Our equipment does not restrict access to any of the lower level construction workers. Therefore, construction can carry on as per the deadline.
  • We can provide the appropriate equipment for any housing design.
  • Our equipment can be used for both timber and steel house frame establishments.
  • We treat our regular clients as partners in the industry, and we liaise with them regularly before and during the projects that we are servicing to ensure that the project meets deadlines and budgets.

Edge Protection for Demolition Work

Aside from a heavy-duty scaffold, demolition work also requires roof edge protection, whether it’s for a commercial or residential building. This will prevent workers from getting into accidents of falling off the structure while working. Edge protection will also block any debris or dislodged materials and ensure the safety of employees and other people near the work area.

CanDo offer edge protection services like residential edge protection and commercial edge protection, which WH&S recommend to protect both the public and workers.

Scaffolding and Height Safety Hire Services

If you’re operating a demolition business or will be demolishing at your own property, you need to hire only the best scaffolding and edge protection services. CanDo can provide you with the best scaffolding solution for your project.

We are an experienced private scaffolding company offering cost-effective and comprehensive range of height protection services and scaffolding hire services, partnered with professional and expert advice. We can provide scaffolding services for demolition projects located in the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and the greater Brisbane area.

Call CanDo today at 1300 226 336 or email us at theguys@cando.com.au or request a FREE quote on a scaffolding service for your next demolition project.

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