Void Protection Platforms

When working at heights it’s vital to use a reliable void protection system to provide a safe working platform to trades working in upper levels and prevent them from falling down a void. Installing void protection is fast and easy and immediately provides a safer platform for construction workers, clients, consultants, building inspectors and any other people visiting on site.

About Void Protection

At CanDo we use void protection systems, which are a self-supporting modular platform system of durable aluminium panels that can be custom engineered for any sized project. This cost-effective system can be used for both residential and commercial projects and is easy to install and dismantle, minimising disruption and delays on site.

Using a void system can also provide trades access to high-level wall and ceiling areas above the void including framing, insulation, lining, plastering, painting and the installation of light fittings. It also helps keep the area beneath the void clear so that other trades can continue working safely and unobstructed for the duration of the construction process.

Our void protection aluminium panels are supported by a unique tube and bracket system secured to the surrounding structure and is able to carry a working load of up to 225kg per bay (light duty). It is fully compliant with AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 and can easily be installed into timber, steel and concrete structures.

Residential & Commercial uses

Residential void protection should be installed at the earliest point in any construction requiring trades to work around otherwise unprotected void areas. By doing this you allow for quick and easy installation of gyprock and plasterboard without leaving large patch areas.

The system has been engineered for a large range of construction projects and  can be tailored to suit any domestic, industrial or swimming pool sites.

This includes but is not limited to provide access;

  • to replace ceilings in auditoriums and swimming pools.
  • for the replacement of mechanical plant and air conditioning systems.
  • during the construction of vaulted ceilings.
  • for workmen installing pipe work in factories.
  • in stairwells for installing ceilings, rendering and painting.

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If you are planning to carry out any construction works on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or northern NSW soon we guarantee a void protection system that is fit for your specific project.

We provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding solutions, including void protection platforms and roof edge protection, that will suit any residential or light commercial construction works.

CanDo’s qualified scaffolders also provides consultation services to ensure that you get the best solution to your specific needs and to comply with the Work Place Health and Safety Regulations.

Contact CanDo today at 1300 226 336 and get a free quote and expert advice for your scaffolding hire needs.

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