What NOT to do when using Scaffolding

Scaffolding are temporary structures designed to help construction workers to safely perform jobs at heights. The word “temporary” is key here.

Working on and with scaffolding for extended periods of time and at extreme height can be a very dangerous job. Therefore, erecting and dismantling scaffold structures should always be done with great care and involve thorough pre-checks and regular inspections. For the non-professional scaffolder, it may be tempting to take short cuts to get the job done quicker, but be aware, scaffolding used carelessly can expose people on site as well as bystanders to danger.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when working with scaffold towers.

Purchasing cheap equipment to save money

We understand your home renovation project may be expensive, but scaffolding is NOT where you should try and save your money. To ensure the scaffolding you purchase or hire is safe and in good working condition, ask to see a ‘handover certificate’ – a written confirmation of the structure’s working condition by an industry professional.

Using reputable companies that follow industry regulations will cost you a bit more money but could save your or your workers’ lives.

Attempting to add extra height

When buying or hiring scaffolding you should always make sure you acquire the right equipment for the job, meaning it should be at the right height. Talk to the scaffolding company about your project and make sure you get expert advice on what height solutions to use. DO NOT be tempted to use boxes or ladders to increase your work height! If you need more elevation, request to have the work platform raised.

Using scaffolding in extreme weather

Even when assembled safely and correctly, scaffolding is only a temporarily structure and is not meant to withstand severe weather conditions in the form of strong winds or extreme rain fall. In case of adverse conditions, it’s prudent to delay any work and resume when the weather gets more favourable again. This is to avoid any sudden movement of the structure which can send small objects flying over the edge of the platform and put workers at risk both on the ground and at height.

Exceeding weight restrictions

For safety reasons, all scaffolding structures come with workload weight restrictions. Exceeding the weight can cause the structure to deteriorate or collapse. This means you should refrain from bringing extra tools, equipment, manpower or anything that can put unnecessary strain on the temporary structure, even if it ‘saves you a trip’. It is important to know that if you disregard any of the instructions for a scaffold structure, the company may no longer be liable for any accidents or damages.

Forget to practice caution

Though scaffold structures and various height solutions are sturdy platforms to work off, you should always work with caution as they are built for a certain task, weight and timeframe. Being mindful means to not expose the scaffolding to any sudden impacts such as dropping anything onto them or jumping on them while climbing up or down. It also means being aware of other people on the platform working along side you.

Scaffolding Hire at CanDo

If you’re working on jobs or engaging in activities that require scaffolding, make sure to hire trustworthy scaffolding services to ensure your safety as well as the safety of people you are working with. If you require scaffolding hire and height protection services on the Gold Coast, the Northern Rivers, or the greater Brisbane area, get in touch with CanDo.

We have a comprehensive range of scaffolding hire solutions and height safety services, whether you’re a private property owner or working with residential and commercial building industries. Contact CanDo on 1300 226 336 or send an online enquiry for all your scaffolding requirements.

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